Ahmed Ibrahim Iakubu (born September 9, 1988), better known by his stage name STAN is an entertainer, songwriter, recording artist and music producer from Ghana, Africa. He is also a highly proclaimed MC/HOST in the non-stop nightlife of the mediterranean area. His early life takes us to Kumasi, Garden City, where Stan was born and raised before graduating high school and migrating to Cyprus, where he is currently located. Back in Ghana, his interest for music developed from a young age of 10. He would often be listening to and getting influenced by some of the top mainstream rap artists at that time such as Tupac, Notorious B.I.G and X-Zibit.

Living in a small neighbourhood of Kumasi never stopped Stan’s aspirations for getting involved in Hip Hop music. The act of relocating to Cyprus was mostly based on his ambitions to get a greater level of education, connections with music industry affiliates, as well as been with his family. Stan pursued a diploma in Business Administration at Intercollege, Limassol, and graduated in 2008. The year 2006 was his real milestone being the time he was first introduced to people sharing the same interests in life.

During that year he teamed up on various musical projects with rapper/producer Tony Jacobs who is working closely with Soundscape Studios, Limassol. Stan is featured on a number of songs from Tony Jacobs’ debut album “North Ethnik” which was release August 2011. Stan is well known in the Cyprus music and entertainment scene and was seen performing in various locations around the island with many rappers and singers and Djs such as Bang La Decks, Claydee and now working side by side with Airland Music. A few of the places he performed are Rumors Bar, Choco Bar, Basement Club, Replay Club, Pepennero Gemma, 7 Seas Music Bar, Club Teez Nicosia, Sash, Zouk and currently basing at Senior Frogs.