Guy Mitchell has been surrounded by music all his life, his main influence was his father. His father was a local DJ and occasionally brought him to gigs from around the age 8/9. It was very clear from this early age that Guy was interested as he never left the decks.

At the age of 11 Guy started going regularly and slowly got the feel for the job, mixing and playing to local crowds, playing Disco/Soul/Funk nights regularly. Soon after Guy brought his own dual CD player and began mixing on Cd’s practicing every day. As he grew up his friends started having parties and Guy borrowed his dads old equipment and began doing local venues. His first gig was at the age of 12.

As he got older more work kept coming his way and he was able to buy his own equipment, he later got put in touch with an X factor finalist that was looking for a DJ for his band. At the age of 16 Guy was travelling round the UK to big cities such as Manchester/Liverpool/Birmingham to name but a few, playing all kinds of events and venues.

The next year was filled with small gigs and he was gaining a great deal of experience. Shortly before his 18th birthday Guy entered himself into a local nightclub DJ competition which he won and was given a saturday night residency once he hit the legal age. From this his knowledge broadened and he began playing at other clubs around his area. He then quickly progressed into the London music scene where he has played at some of the capitals top venues including Ministry of Sound and Fabric to name but a few.

Guy Mitchell is not a DJ stuck within the boundaries of one genre of music. He has the ability carry a night whether the music is House,Bass,Commercial, RnB, Indie, Dance…anything goes. Often quickly switching between genres to keep everybody on their toes. Guy looks forward to another season in the sun!