DJ Anthony T, one of the island’s most known party DJ’s began his career back in 2001. His first DJ gigs began at Ayia Napa bars and his first residency as a professional DJ took place at Senior Frogs, one of Ayia Napa’s top bars. His passion for music combined with his talent made him one of Napa’s most popular party DJ’s. In 2003 he became head in Music Department of Mix FM and also hosting a daily radio show there.

The will to expand his music knowledge lead him to Point Blank Music College in London where he graduated with a basic and advanced DJ degree.

The biggest step of his career came up at 2004 when he became resident DJ at Carwash Disco, Napa’s most successful club at that time, spinning the records giving the sensation of 70’s and 80’s music.

In 2014, after a decade of retro style, DJ Anthony T signed up a new residency at Pirates Inn combining sound and vision by playing and mixing videos offering different party experience to the crowd.

The last step forward in his career took place in 2015 when he became part of Castle Club, taking the party room on another level.

His biggest ‘weapon’ as a DJ is the way he mixes all the musical genres with his non stop party mix style that makes the crowd go crazy.